DCR court recording software

The Digital Court Recorder (DCR) is a PC-based, multi-channel digital audio/video recording program designed for court recording. The DCR embeds notes directly into audio/video files on a PC hard drive and mirrored location, bypassing analog tapes and organizing records for fast & easy management and retrieval.


The DCR is designed around the highest standard to meet all of you court recording needs. DCR is ideally suited for any court (State or Federal) and is available as portable, stand alone or networked system. Our court recording software allows for complete integration with case management, video arraignment, public address and evidence presentations. DCR is currently in use at all levels of the judicial system(Federal, State and Municipal).

Some of the Benefits of DCR

Case Management/Docket Integration

This feature allows the court to automatically incorporate important case information into the digital recording for future reference. This eliminates the need for double entries during the hearing and provides fast access to any and all cases on the docket during and after the recording session.


  • Up to 8 channels of video from multiple sources
  • Concurrent record and playback
  • Confidence monitoring
  • Integrated File Notes and Bookmarks
  • Speed Typing Hot Keys
  • Word™ enabled notes
  • Archives to network drive, DVD or CD
  • Transcription playback using USB foot pedal
  • Uses industry standard PCs with the Windows™ Operating System
  • Superior sound quality with sound enhancement software
  • Laptop configuration for mobile users
  • Recordings are saved as standard PC files
  • Ability to save audio to multiple formats
  • No Charge Professional Transcription/Playback Software
  • Easy duplication of recordings for re-distribution and archival
  • Currently installed in Federal, State and Local governments
  • Widely used in courtrooms, Council Chambers, Interview Rooms and Boardrooms
  • Interfaces with case/agenda management systems