DCR-IR Interview room recorder

The DCR IR Interview room Recording Solution is designed specifically to capture and record interviews by police and other law enforcement agencies. The system can record the audio or both the audio and video of an interview. A separate player provides playback facilities for the captured audio and video streams.

  • Call Logging Brochures
  • Call Logging Brochures


  • Record up to 4 interview rooms per system audio and video
  • Unlimited digital access and distribution
  • Date and Time watermark
  • Simple tape recorder style controls
  • Ease of transcription and duplication
  • Bookmarks instantly access the portion of the record you need
  • Ease of in-court playback


  • Playback of audio and video recordings, including a file that is currently being mirrored
  • Up to 4 channels of video from multiple sources
  • Ability to work with file attachments. You can open attachments, delete attachments, and optionally include them when exporting recording files
  • Ability to redact files so that redacted segments can be omitted from playback and when exporting
  • Bookmarks allow you to navigate quickly in a sound file and store notes at chosen positions in a sound file
  • A bookmark can be assigned a color, which allows you to highlight or classify bookmarks. For example, you can use different colored bookmarks to differentiate sensitive information
  • File notes can be added to a recorded file
  • Digital certificates can be used to ensure recordings have not been altered
  • An assistive view is available to comply with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act
  • File notes and bookmarks can be exported as a text file, copied to the clipboard, or printed. You can choose which data fields to include
  • Preserve tone automatically during high-speed playback
  • Search and replace capability for text within bookmarks
  • Export a file, or part of a file, directly to an audio CD