DCR2 is a digital, audio/video recording system used to document the proceedings of meetings. The system is ideally suited for county commission, city council, school board, and any other type of meeting that requires the recording of minutes and/or the ability to capture a record.

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Some of the Benefits of DCR 2

Intergrated with Word


SuiteAgenda offers a new approach to Agenda and Meeting Management. No Complicated software, no large up-front costs and endless training sessions. No more wondering whether the staff understands or can even use the system.

Agenda Automation is not just about paperless copies, but improving the entire meeting process by saving time, reducing costs and making everyone’s job easier.

SuiteAgenda makes this happen with most budget-friendly pricing available.


BIS Agenda Automation


  • Ability to post meeting minutes immediately on the web
  • Ability to link minutes to audio/video for Instant review
  • Ability to link agendas to audio/video
  • Playback over Web using Microsoft Media Player Software
  • Ability to listen to a recording as it is being made
  • Associates a sound file with a Microsoft Word document
  • Interfaces (i.e. Microsoft Word) to include a roll call, vote
    results, and motions
  • Supports up to 32-channels of recording
  • Up to 8 channels of video from multiple sources
  • Fully searchable, with key word, name or item number
  • Improves Service to Public by Providing Instant Web Access to Audio/Video Requests
  • Reduces Costs by Eliminating Duplication of Labor in
    Agenda/Minute Preparation
  • Identifies global participants for your meetings
  • Channel names can be assigned and used in place of
    channel numbers