Call Logging

Bis call logging

Take charge of public safety and Call Center communications with our next generation management and archiving tool, and discover the power and flexibility to monitor and respond to events as they happen. Specifically designed for public and customer service organizations, the BIS Digital system is fast, reliable and cost-efficient, and with fully redundant architecture.

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With BIS Digital, you have the flexibility to simultaneously monitor and record conversations from multiple telephone lines, and the ability to de-trunk, monitor and record multiple radio channels. Choose what you want to hear now, or instantly play or replay what you want to hear next – all from a LAN or WAN connected PC, and control every function in an easy-to-use Windows environment.

BIS Digital provides the ideal voice/data recording tool for police, fire, emergency service, and any other public or private security use – if you or your agency could benefit from specialized dispatch and communications recording, then the BIS Digital system is for you. Powerful and compact the BIS Digital system interfaces seamlessly with an Emergency Notification system.