BIS Digital provides planning, installation, implementation, training and on-going customer support services for a wide range of recording needs. From our easy-to-use Digital Court/Conference Recorder to Call Logging and Digital Dictation applications, BIS Digital products and services are tailored and built around your organization’s specifications.

Digital Court Recorder (DCR)

The Digital Court Recorder (DCR) is a PC-based, multi-channel digital audio/video recording program designed for the Windows Operating Platform. The DCR embeds notes directly into audio/video files on a PC hard drive and mirrored location, bypassing analog tapes and organizing records for fast & easy management and retrieval.

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Digital Conference Recorder (DCR2)

DCR2 is a digital, audio/video recording system used to document the proceedings of meetings. The system is ideally suited for county commission, city council, school board, and any other type of meeting that requires the recording of minutes and/or the ability to capture a record.

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Digital Conference Recorder (DCR IR)

The DCR IR Recording Solution is designed specifically to capture and record interviews by police and other enforcement agencies. The system can record the audio or both the audio and video for an interview. The recordings are saved to the hard-drive and to CD/DVD. A separate player provides playback facilities for the captured audio and video streams.

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BIS Digital’s DCRxpress is a networkable, touch screen based, two, four or eight channel digital recording system. DCRxpress is ideal for Courts or Councils that want to upgrade from outdated, analog tape-based or outdated complex tape-like digital recording systems. DCRxpress combines the simplicity of one touch recording with the single file structure of DCR (audio, video and notes stored as a single file) to make it a seamless effort.

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Bis call center solutions

DCR – Voice Logging

Take charge of public safety and Call Center communications with our next generation management and archiving tool, and discover the power and flexibility to monitor and respond to events as they happen.

With BIS Digital, you have the flexibility to simultaneously monitor and record conversations from multiple telephone lines, and the ability to de-trunk, monitor and record multiple radio channels. Choose what you want to hear now, or instantly play or replay what you want to hear next – all from a LAN or WAN connected PC, and control every function in an easy-to-use Windows environment.

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Bis digital dictation

Digital Dictation

BIS Digital empowers every organization to take control of their document management, dictation and transcription needs. Designing secure and scalable dictation and transcription solutions is what we do best. BIS Digital provides a suite of enterprise products incorporating digital dictation, speech recognition, transcription and workflow management. This is a solution for multiple industry sectors including the medical, transcription, legal, law enforcement and government industries.

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Mobile Presentation System

Mobile Presentation System (MPS) with Touch Screen Remote

The Mobile Presentation System (MPS) is a fully integrated audio visual solution for courts, city/county commissions, schools, training centers, or businesses that are looking for portable presentation technology which can be easily moved between a number of rooms. This all in one system provides users with all the latest in presentation technology in a secure mobile workstation. If desired, users simply connect their laptop or desktop PC to the provided computer and audio cables and they are ready to present.

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Bis public address system

Public Address System

One out of ten people have some hearing loss. The SoundPlus Courtroom Listening system offered through Williams Sound and BIS ensures that everyone in the courtroom can hear and understand the judge’s message. The receivers are portable so participants can sit anywhere – even in the back of the courtroom. The message is broadcast directly to the listener’s headset, reducing background noise and other distractions for a clear listening experience.

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